Our commitments



CLEN’s aim is to become the market leader for office furnishings and fittings, with ergonomic, creative and durable products that increase efficiency and well-being in the workplace.

The company is financially sound, with family shareholders to maintain its ongoing independence. CLEN places great importance on meeting its commitments to clients, staff, suppliers and public service agencies.

  • For staff: there is a strong corporate ethic based on respect, motivation, and the involvement of all in the company’s projects.
  • For clients: fast turnaround, flexibility, quality and attention ensure that our suggestions meet your needs.
  • For suppliers: strong partnerships enable us to offer high-quality products that respect the environment. For obvious reasons relating to sustainable development, we give priority to French suppliers.
  • For public service agencies: as a major local and regional stakeholder, we undertake to respect the environment and maintain a dynamic, proactive employment policy.